Dear Friends in Australia,
We prepared this short video to introduce you to some of our favorite things about Chicago. We hope that you can gain a small understanding of our city and school.
Your friends in 2nd grade,
Chicago, Illinois

Click HERE to see the video.
The direct link to our Joint Voicethread project. Click here.

This is a Voicethread created by 2 classes - one is in Chicago, one is in Australia. We have been sharing our information about the endangered animals that we are studying. We would love for parents, students, teachers, and friends to comment on our projects. For safety purposes, you must register with your email address before you can make a comment. It is FREE to register, just submit your name and email address. Your comment can be recorded, videoed or typed in. We love hearing how you like our projects.

This is the blogpage written by our friends in Australia with a movie that they created for us. Click here.
Our Australian friends welcome us here.