Tuesday Techno Tips
Web 2.0 Applications - Resources, Examples, Instructions

Go to Voicethread for Educators register for a free educator's account.


Our own 1st graders' Voicethreads - http://bzkids.wikispaces.com/1st+grade+2009-2010

Digital Storytelling

Digital Storytelling Edu - Educational Uses for Digital Storytelling
University of Minnesota - Elements of Digital Storytelling
University of Illinois Grad School Project, 2007 - How to Create a Digital Story
Digital Storytelling Tools - by I Learn Technology
Digital Storytelling in the Classroom - tools and resources by Kyle Pace

Free Web 2.0 Tools for Digital Storytelling

For Primary Grades
Kerpoof -www.Kerpoof.com - Login and create a teacher account. You can then add student accounts.
(a cute example!) http://www.kerpoof.com/#/view?s=2gs119nph0o5cz04wxA0-e-2f39d4-x2

Domo - Go Animate - similar to Kerpoof
Go Animate

For Middle School
Xtranormal- http://www.xtranormal.com/
(a cute example!) Sarah Palin on the Xtranormal news -
By Teach Web 2.0 - Advantages and Disadvantages and samples of Xtranormal in the Classroom
Memoov - can add voiceovers and create animated movies

Our School Projects -

Righteous Among the Nations - Heroes of the Holocaust - project created by 4th graders using Keynote
2nd Grade Biographies